• A celebration for the senses!
    A celebration for the senses!
  • Endemic Ethiopian Wolf, Red Jackal
    Home of Endemism!
  • Birding In Ethioia, Dark Chanting Goshawk
    Ornithology Paradise!
  • Mursi Tribe / Village of the Omo Valley in the Southern Ethiopia Cultural Route
    Mosaic of Culture!
  • Traditional hand made cotton weaving at Dorze People
    The Art of Living
  • Ethiopian Traditional Market
    Extraordinary Experience
  • World's Giant Monoliths
    World's Giant Monoliths
Let us be your reliable local tour operator in Ethiopia!

Discover the real treasures of our country! Let us show you not only the beautiful landscapes, the stunning views and impressive sites, but also the kaleidoscope of what our rich culture has to offer! In all our tours and day excursions we incorporate pieces of unique Ethiopian Art, in order for our guests to get the chance to see, learn and understand Ethiopia in a different way.

What our clients say

  • Our trip with PETT was unique and we got to know Nahome Bekele and his company as very dedicated, friendly and trustworthy. Having travelled a lot, I have hardly seen anything like it. We will certainly travel with PETT again.


    Berlin, Germany

  • Overall Impression: If you need somebody to organize an individual trip for you to any place in Ethiopia in a very professional way for a good price, you want to check with Nahome Bekele from Pleasure Ethiopia Tours & Travel.


    Cologne, Germany

  • The itinerary was clear and we felt that all of our expectations were met. The trip we planned with Pleasure Ethiopia was at the end of our stay and it was also the highlight. We have high praise and compliments for Pleasure Ethiopia Tours & Travel.


    Seattle, WA, USA