• The land of diversity
    The land of diversity

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Ethiopia is a country where ancient history, legends and myths converge to this day. It is a unique country in many ways - visiting Ethiopia is like walking through time. The diverse nature and culture - a leading nation in Africa in the number of tangible and intangible heritages registered by UNESCO. Gigantic monoliths, rock-hewn churches, cave-built monasteries, medieval castles, highest peaks, inhospitable low and hot adventure areas, active volcanoes and biosphere reserves; and the only independent country with a unique culture, its own calendar, alphabets and scripts in Africa.

By understanding the stories, which can also be found on the walls of various rock churches and monasteries, people can understand better the true meaning of what characterizes Ethiopia. And our company has the expertise, works with the right people and has access to the right locations - it's our Pleasure to show you what our amazing country has to offer!